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Measles Essay

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Common name:
The measles.

Medical name:

The measles:
Measles are a very rare and contagious disease that you are
less likely to catch if you have been immunized. The measles
last for 4-12 days (without symptoms) then infected people
remain contagious for 3-5 days after the first sign of a rash.
Reports of the measles have been around since 600B.C.
German measles are unrelated to smallpox.

How does the body resist attack?
The body is very susceptible to the measles as it is a contagious virus. The body can resist it if you are immunized or have had the measles before and your immune system is strong enough to stop your body from becoming infected.

The measles are extremely contagious so 90% of non-immunized people around those of the infected person will become infected as well. The virus lives in mucus in the nose and throat. The disease is contagious for about four days before the rash appears. When an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks droplets are sprayed into the air where they can be inhaled or they can land on a surface where they stay contagious for several hours.

The symptoms include a hacking cough, runny nose, watery, red and swollen eyes. These are followed by small red spots with blue and white middles inside the mouth and small red lumps on the body. The spots grow into a red/brown rash that covers the body; it starts on the forehead and moves down the body.

As established measles are a virus they cannot be treated but children
can receive an immunization vaccination within 72 hours of being exposed
to the virus. People that are pregnant, young children or have a weakened
immune system can receive injections of antibodies that will help fight the
infection. Both adults and children can take over-the-counter medication
to help relieve the temperature that comes with the measles but it won’t
prevent the measles as a whole. Otherwise you have to wait for your

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