What is meant by personality

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How do we define another person? Generally speaking we define them by specific personality traits such honest, impulsive, friendly, mean or rude, people use a number of these qualities to describe one another’s personality. Is this accurate to stereotype people in this way? Perhaps not but ones personality is a very influential and important part of daily life. How do people think about, influence and relate to one another? No two people are exactly alike, everyone has different parents, different experiences and lives, these differences cause people to view the world a little differently to the person next to them and each human being has unique properties which enable them to interact with the people around them and their environment. The topic of personality is very broad and there are many different factors that could be studied in order to establish what is meant by personality, however, there is no single definition of personality and it could be defined as the psychological functioning of the individual person. It encompasses the varied qualities of individuals and the influences on their psychological functioning (Weiten, 2005). Genetic variations, societal influences, cognitive factors, childhood experiences, individual goals and choices, and other aspects of personality have been described by different theorists and researches as components of personality (Cloninger, 1996). This essay will provide a comprehensive look at three theories of personality 1. Psychodynamic theories – Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory and Erikson’s Psychosocial theory 2. Behavioural/Learning Theories – Skinner’s Behaviourism and Bandura’s Social Learning theory. and 3. Humanistic theories - Roger’s Self Concept theory and Maslow’s theory of Self Actualisation. This paper will then surmise with a conclusion of the information presented. Psychodynamic Theories:
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