Meanings of Motherhood Essay

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There is an old saying among parents that ‘although you need to take lessons and pass a test to prove your knowledge and driving ability to earn a driver’s license, anyone can walk into a hospital, give birth, and walk out with a new baby’. There are no mandatory tests, procedures that are required or classes to be taken to become a parent. Although driving isn’t anything like parenting, the similar importance of knowledge before doing is still a must. The role of motherhood in particular is the toughest role in the parenting world. Taking on the role of mother is not just that, you become many other roles in your life as well as your child’s life. Before becoming a mother you receive tons of clues, hints and loads of old and new knowledge from the elder parents around you but what no one can ever prepare you for is what is truly entailed in being a mother. Not only through our own family as women but also through the father of your unborn child do you get advice or maybe sometimes depending on their culture you get told what to do and what not to do by outside family members. You become a mother by giving birth, yes, however you do not truly become a mother until you start taking on your “motherly roles” and your life is truly changed and impacted by all of those many hats you wear. Another popular quote among parents is “once you think you have it all figured out, you really don’t” in parenting we all just try to nurture and care for our children the best we can, but the truth is we all just learn as we go. Ideally you want a mutually happy and content relationship with your children and in general your entire family. Times have changed as decades of different styles of parenting pass, things we tired and did now not so excepting as it once was. From spanking, to what wear, and how we act as well as how our children behave, let’s face it things have severely

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