Meaning And Usage (Root Words) Essay

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Meaning and Usage ACT 1. Action- doing something toward goal; something that somebody or something does. * Actions on behalf of His people will reveal His character to them. 2. React- to act in return or reciprocally; to act in opposition; to act in a reverse way; go back to a former condition, stage, etc. * The activists reacted in anger at the decision and plan to resume a series of protests. 3. Transaction- the act of transacting or the fact of being transacted; something transacted, especially a business agreement or exchange; communication involving two or more people that affects all those involved; personal interaction.  To help avoid fraudulent transactions we are doing everything to ensure the safety of our customers. 4. Proactive- role in doing, accomplishing, etc.; taking the initiative * The police team is conducting a proactive approach awareness to fight drug abuse. 5. Activity- the quality or state of being active; action; any specific action or pursuit * Recent research has found that regular physical activity can add two or more years to life expectancy. 6. Activate- to make active; cause to engage in activity. * The research work provided direct confirmation of the extent to which the hypnotist can selectively activate given areas of the brain. 7. Deactivate- to render inactive or ineffective; to inhibit, block, or disrupt the action of (an enzyme or other biological agent); to remove from active military status.  The network will immediately deactivate your SIM card to prevent unauthorized calls being made. 8. Actuate- to put into action or motion; to cause to take action: * What motives actuated him to kill his bestfriend? 9. Actual- existing in reality or in fact; not merely possible, but real; as it really is; existing at present or at the time. * Though the scenes

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