Meaning And Understanding Essay

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Meaning and understanding the two fold focus of wittgenstein’s philosophy Introduction Ludwig Wittgenstein is considered to be one of the finest philosophers of the twentieth century. In the contemporary philosophical debates Wittgenstein stands out as the major contributor and the influential philosopher in the analytic tradition. Wittgenstein can be regarded as what Einstein is to the modern physics for the 20th century philosophy. An unusual thinker to the core with his divergent and revolutionary approach to philosophy Wittgenstein forms a movement in himself. Philosophy has been from the ages immemorial a journey, seeking meaning and truth of human existence. Western philosophy in general from Augustine up to Wittgenstein the focus of philosophy was centered on metaphysics. The philosophy of language was neglected or rather bracketed out. It was Wittgenstein who unraveled the significance of language and brought it to the center of philosophical discussion. In order to arrive at meaning and understanding as the two fold focus of later Wittgenstein, I have followed the following methodology. Every philosopher has a biography and history in the development of his philosophical thought. It is very appealing to investigate into the historical and biographical context of a philosopher. In our philosophical enterprise too we will be looking at biographical sketch of Wittgenstein. After having seen the biography of Wittgenstein we will be investigating into the scope and method of his philosophical enquiry. In this regard we need to consider the starting point of his philosophy, his early position in the tractatus, critique of Tractatus, transition from Tractatus, later philosophy of Wittgenstein, philosophical investigations, critique of Augustine’s theory of meaning, meaning use and context, language games, family resemblance etc. 1.1 Biographical sketch

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