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The movie Mean Girls, created by Tina Fret and based on the book “Queen Bees and Wannabes” by Rosalind Wiseman gives us a look into the separate world created for females known as ‘girl world.’ Mean Girls, was a very famous major cultural event that was watched by many people all over America. As I watched the movie mean girls, I could not help but notice different messages about race, class, gender and sexuality being played out by the different characters in the movie. Mean girl tells the story of Cady a young American female who was home schooled, mainly because her parents where research zoologist in Africa for twelve years. Unfortunately, her mother tenure came to an end and they had to move back to America. The movie begins on her first day of Junior High, where she was sent by her parent so she could be socialized . She begins her first day of junior high very and feels lost and out of her environment. Unknowingly, Cady had stepped into a world filled with rules, ideologies and regulations, very different from what she had been used to. On the first day of class, she is greeted by Janice and Damien, who through out the movie become her guide and accomplices in ruing the life of the ‘plastics.’ You may be wondering who the plastics are, well they were the popular girls in junior high, the ones that if North Shore was famous, would be on US weekly cover everyday . Namely, there was Karen Smith the thin white blond girl, who every one though was a slut, Gretchen Weiner the rich girl whose dad the inventor of toaster strudel and was such a gossiper, and finally there was the Queen B, or better known as the leader of the group Regina George. These three young women compromised what was called the plastics. Calling them plastic is a great metaphor, because if you look up the definition of plastic, it means “a substance soft enough to be molded yet capable of

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