Mean Girls Movie Paper

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The scene we have chosen to analyze is from “Mean Girls”. The scene depicts a three-way phone call where two friends, Cady and Gretchen, are telling their friend Karen, that their fourth supposed best friend, Regina, said something bad about her. While on the phone, Regina calls Gretchen and asks her to hang out, but not to invite Gretchen. Karen is trying to please both parties, until she learns of what Regina has said about her. After realizing this, she fakes sick so she doesn’t have to go. This clip is very stereotypical of high school girls and is very overly dramatic. 1. Describe and explain the communication competence level of the characters in your scene. Although the words were hurtful, most of them were received as they were intended to be. Gretchen made sure that Karen fully understood that Regina was saying bad things about her. Cady, though she didn’t speak much, made sure Gretchen understood that her words were harsh. Their messages achieved their intended effects. Karen understood that Regina was saying bad things about her, but her message to Regina was not understood. When she claimed to be sick, she was really saying that because she was hurt and didn’t want to hang out. Regina did not understand the message as she should have. It did not achieve its intended effect because Regina didn’t understand that she had hurt Karen. Regina’s message was not ethical when she told Karen not to invite Gretchen. Karen felt she had no choice but to be annoyed with Gretchen to receive approval from Regina. 2. What model of communication are the two people exemplifying? Gretchen is exemplifying communication as action. She got her message across to Karen that Regina called her a bad name, and Karen received that message. Cady is exemplifying communication as interaction. She relayed her message to Gretchen that she was harsh with Karen, and Karen responded that
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