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Mean Girls Essay

  • Submitted by: Pineapples32
  • on May 19, 2013
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Mean Girls Essay

Teenagers get so involved with fitting in that they themselves forget who they really are and lose their own personalities for bits and pieces of others. The film “Mean Girls” is about a teenage girl trying too hard to fit in, instead of just being herself and she gets lost in the personalities and characteristics of being popular. She changes herself for others and discovers new things good and bad. She eventually learns the lessons of just being herself.

Cady is a 15 year old girl who has just moved from Africa and she’s about to start her first year in an American high school. Cady is very naïve and shy, but friendly. When she leaves for her first day of school her parents are excited but very worried about her, and her mum even cries. When she gets to school two students, Janis and Damian, introduce themselves and help her out on where to sit. They take her in right away and explain to her what the expectations are there. They give her ideas of who people are and who hangs out with who. I feel like Cady’s a really nice and friendly girl even through she doesn’t know much about her new environment. Even though Cady’s new friends are “weird” she still accepts and hangs out with them.

One day Cady gets invited to sit with the “plastics” for lunch, who are three of the most popular girls in school. Their name’s are Gretchen, Karen, and Regina (the “leader”). Janis convinces Cady to keep hanging out with them so that she can find out their secrets and go back to Janis to tell her all the gossip for revenge. Cady is still friends with Janis and Damian but she’s starting to spend a lot of time with the plastics and you can tell she’s starting to enjoy the “look” of being popular. She’s starting to dress like them and wear the appropriate dress code so that she’s able to sit with them at lunch. When Cady visits Regina’s house after school they show her their “Burn book” where they write mean things about people. Cady accidentally...

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