Mean Girls and Walking Naked

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How do the authors/directors of the two texts studied this term convey similar ideas? The authors/directors of the texts WALKING NAKED written by Alyssa Brugman and MEAN GIRLS directed by Mark Waters explore the concepts of conformity within school society, the friendships that exist between young girls, bullying that occurs through the adolescent years and the consequences of choices. Both authors accomplish highlighting the horrors of “Girl World” using techniques, which are exclusive to their forms. Waters manages this by using hyperbole and overly stereotypical characteristics of the high school girls as a means of highlighting the deteriorating state of “Girl World” nature. Brugman exposes the hierarchy that defines “Girl World” by using techniques such as intertexuality to foreshadow future events and metaphors to compare the ‘in-clique’ to jungle animals that rein over the other students. Conformity and the importance of remaining a non-conformist is a theme that is explored through the course of both texts. Within WALKING NAKED, Perdita Wiguiggan is subjected to ridicule by the ‘in-group’ for remaining true to herself and not conforming to the “cherry lip-gloss, video hits view of how teenagers should be.” Brugman emphasizes Perdita’s love of poetry and independent nature, which collides with the stereotyped view of teenagers and earns her the status of an outsider in order to separate Perdita from the conformist’s crowd. In MEAN GIRLS, Perdita’s equivalent is Cady Heron who has her non-conformist personality symbolically displayed through her bedroom. While others, such as Regina George, have modern bedrooms, decorated with the latest trends, Cady’s room is adorned with natural, African décor, which reflects her time in Africa and the unique and individual nature that is rare amidst the school crowds. Both texts ultimately convey the importance of

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