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The agency which I work with is the Cedar Hills Kiwanis Club. As part of my employment I have the ability to spend a portion of my work week doing community service. Although work has been very busy and it turns out that I do most of this work on my own time. I chose to work with Cedar hills Kiwanis club for many reasons. One of which is that they have a very broad range of projects which they work on. A flyer with a list of these activities is attached to this report. The main focus of Kiwanis is to serve the children of the world. This is accomplished by many different community service projects and fund raisers. The club has also made the decision to work with service projects that do not include just children. There are two reasons…show more content…
We start by picking up food at a central location in Beaverton at that time we get our routes. I normally get the Bethany area route because I live over there and can somewhat get around the maze of cookie cutter houses. Than we deliver the food to the mostly elderly people. These elderly folk are what we call shut-ins. This means they have almost no contact with the outside world. Lots of them do not have any family members in the area or even alive. This is where my favorite time comes in and this is smile time. After the first couple of Thursdays on the same route these people started to get comfortable with me. My route now takes twice as long because lost of the shut-ins want me to hang out and chat. I call it smile time though because a few of the people I deliver too never let me get a word in. So I just stand there and smile and try to listen the best I can. I have heard all kinds of great stories about family, friends old jobs, old flings, and my favorite old war stories. I know the food we are providing is crucial for survival of these people but I sure feel like smile time is almost as helpful. For many of these people I may be the only personal contact they receive for weeks at a…show more content…
This project tends to be the day of the month where I get soaking wet and really dirty. We have very much improved a section of trail and park which runs next to the Beaverton creek. We have picked up garbage, cleared trail, laid down bark dust, and planted trees. I have an interesting story about the first time I did this project. Most of the trail we have been working on is next to different apartment complexes. One day a man named Dave who lived in these apartments came out and started talking with me. We spoke for probably ten minutes than he went inside grabbed some gloves and started helping us pick up garbage. He is probably around 35 years old has a kid and a wife who works at Shari’s restaurant and Dave was recently unemployed. He told me how much he appreciated us cleaning this area up because his kid plays out here all the time. Dave I think was very depressed at the time because of his work situation. The next month we went out to the same spot to put down some bark dust for a trail. Sure enough there was Dave wanting to help again. He explained to me how therapeutic helping the month before was and how it seemed to give him energy to start looking for a job again. I started to feel a little bad for the guy because he had said he had turned in 8 applications and was not able to get hired on anywhere. One of the other Kiwanians who was present at this

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