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• How do you currently approach the weekly readings in the course? Well I approach my reading by printing off the reading’s each week and I take notes that I think is important to know or to be on a test. Then I go through again to write down key words and the meaning of each key word. I usually skim through the readings and read in the main topics. When a paper come up and asks to go over the topic, I go back to the chapter and read over quickly. When I am done with the readings I study them till I know that I comprehend what I am reading. If I still don’t comprehend that’s when I go back and read the readings again. • How might you incorporate three of the suggestions covered this week into your study time? The three suggestions from this week to incorporate in my study time would be. Skimming it’s a way for me to preview what I’m about to read. I can also discover the most important idea of what I am reading and get the point of content quickly by skimming. The second technique I will use will have to be mapping. I have never heard of this technique before. But by mapping a chapter or article as I preview it gives me a visual guide for how different ideas fit together by making a branching structure and put the main idea at the top then fill in supporting ideas on the next tier. The last option I will be using will be text marking. After I read the chapter or an article I can go back and mark key words I can either highlight or circle notes. But I found that I can highlight important notes then use a pencil to circle key words. Then think before I mark. • How might this plan help you accomplish your reading

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