”Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris

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”Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris Nowadays a lot of people move to other countries whether they want to or whether they do not want to. In any case they have to learn the language of the new country if they are going to stay there for the rest of their lives. Some people find it more difficult than others but learning a new and completely different language is always difficult. In the end it depends on how their expectations are for their new lifestyle and how they are going to manage everything. There are also some people who start to take classes with a foreign language because of their education or something like that. But no matter what is it always difficult to learn a foreign language. In the essay “Me Talk Pretty One Day” written by David Sedaris we follow forty-one year old David who is going to learn French. He knows a little French but it is not enough to understand everything his teacher says at all. During the essay he uses a lot of his time on telling us about the people in his class. It is people from all over the world who also came to learn French just like himself. Their French teacher is very strict and has a huge temperament. She uses a lot of time on tearing all the students no matter what they say. Since we are following David and his thoughts etc. through the story it is a first person narrator’s point of view. It makes the essay a bit unreliable because we do not know anything about other people’s thoughts except for what David tells us about them. David seems very frightened in the start of the essay but still he uses a lot of humour. He is making fun of himself and of the teacher. The way he describes things in the story make it look like that even though he is frightened of his situation he can be ironically. “If you have not meimslsxp or lgpdmurcy bu this time, then you should not be in this room. Has everyone

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