Me Talk Pretty One Day

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Me Talk Pretty One Day A safe environment and experiences of success are key components of learning. Whether it is a new language or a sport, it is important that you are self-confident enough to challenge yourself and try. When a new youngster is put on field for Arsenal, the last words from headcoach Arsene Wenger is: “I do not care if you succeed with your dribbles or passes, but you have to try doing the unexpected. If you do not try you will be taken of the field, because you might lose the ball 10 times, but the eleventh time you will get past your marker and we could have a great change.” Arsene Wenger is a legend in football when it comes to bringing in youngsters and developing world class players. One of the keystones of his era in Arsenal has been to make it an environment where the youngsters can be themselves and develop steadily over time. The only demand is that they work hard in training and give their best shot when they are given the chance. In “Me Talk Pretty One Day” from 2005, David Sedaris takes the reader to the opposite environment. The male protagonist is in a foreign country, trying to learn a foreign language and he is a bit intimidated by the other students, as he does not think he is as good as them. That however ends up being the least of his concerns when the teacher walks in. David Sedaris describes her thoroughly as she marches into the classroom (l. 16-17) and continues to describe her as a wild animal ready to attack at any time (l. 82 & 52). Already early on, she begins to mock and abuse the students and through these descriptions of her behavior in class, she seems aggressive and unpredictable. Her tone towards the students is sarcastic and demeaning and one by one she makes the students break down, even the protagonist. Before the first class, David Sedaris is positive and curious about learning the new language. But

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