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Self-Analysis: Me on Film! After reviewing my performance on video, I can surely say I am pretty proud of it. Indeed, there are many positive points about my performance and communicative skills. First, I received, from my partners, many great comments as: "Your voice intonation was very natural and varied, I enjoyed listening to you (…), you were speaking with a strong intensity, with a high pitch and the information about your subject were clear (…), I enjoyed the fact that your accent from Quebec, when you spoke English, was almost absent." Indeed, I observed those points on my video and can affirm their veracity. Also, one of the most important observations I have made was my eye contact. Indeed, on the video, we could see that I had a very good eye contact with my partners. I was looking at each of them and not looking at the ceiling, looking in the back of the class or focusing on only one person. Finally, my public really enjoyed my enthusiast and they found my presentation captivating even if my subject could have been little more rich and creative. However, in every good presentation, there is always something that can be improved. In mine, I observed some weaknesses, like my hand movement. Indeed, I had a little tendency to play with a part of my shirt, which was interpreted as a sign of nervousness. Also, my partners reported to me some grammatical mistakes as: "My brother is University" instead of "My brother is at University" and also "The primary school where I went was called École du Bac" instead of "The primary school where I went is called École du Bac". Finally, the last thing I could improve for my next presentation would be on the hesitation. It happened some times that I say "Hum…" or that I was making some

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