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Bryce Ward Mrs. Halve English 10 April 8, 2012 “The Decision” They call it “assisted suicide” but many think it’s a decision that you as an individual should have the right to make. They believe doctors would be charged with murder, and the patients would be frowned upon. I personally agree with the idea of euthanasia if it is the patient’s wish. Under certain conditions people with a serious illness, and are expected to die should have “the decision” to make. To participate is this act; I believe you must have some guidelines. You should be eighteen years or older, capable of making communications that clearly states you want this decision to be made, and diagnosed with a terminal illness that can lead to death within six months. If these expectations are met than you should have the right to “pull the plug”. Many people argue against euthanasia because they believe some people want to die because they have emotional and psychological problems. Something they don’t understand about that is, if you were dying, of course you’re going to go through emotional and mental problems. They often have those issues because they have a terminal illness. Other reasons people argue against euthanasia include religious beliefs, that it is being done solely to save money, and could be used to discriminate against certain groups of people including the elderly and the mentally impaired. Others believe that family and doctors will try to pressure you in taking this option because they want to take you off life support and save the extra money. These are not valid reasons because as mentioned earlier there would have to be strict guidelines to qualify for euthanasia. You can’t change someone’s religious beliefs, but they shouldn’t have the right to try and influence someone else’s opinion. If the guidelines can’t be met as said earlier than that individual

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