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As a student, I often read articles and books related to my studies. When I was in high school, I am fond of reading on line Tagalog romance novels. I take time reading in a quiet place to read those kind of novels. Since authors use different literary techniques like giving context clues, I read confusing sentences repeatedly to understand it further. Sometimes, I refer to the dictionary for some unfamiliar words. Before, we have discussed about key words and pointing out the main ideas of a text, and it helps me up to now. By analyzing the text and getting its main idea, I solve my own doubts even without someone to consult. I always quote from the book that I have read. I am easily touched by romance and love stories. When I'm reading, I always imagine myself as one of characters in the story because I can also relate it to them. As a learner, I am still discovering my strengths and weaknesses. I don't usually stick to one method of learning. I am willing to try different things to advance my skills. I believe that I can become a successful student because whatever I do, I give my best. I am really looking forward to work in Korea as soon as I become a licensed engineer. I am aware that every step on the way to my dreams will always depend on what I do now. Since I am giving a hundred percent effort on my behalf, I can visualize myself passing exams and earning good

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