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In this essay, I will talk about myself and how my future would be considering myself today. I will see myself as a successful professional, a good mother and a loving wife. First, I will define the word today like the last six years in my life. During that time, I have been building my character. Life, situations, problems, family, friends, God and specially collage. I live in Humacao with different girls, room and housemate. Throughout this time, I learned how to accept and deal with different personalities. That will be good for me because when I work, we have contact with many people. Just because people are not like me, does not mean I am not willing to work with them. In classes like everywhere, we have so many things and work to do. Therefore, that teaches me how to assume responsibilities and work under pressure. Being in collage and being far from my family, makes me appreciate the value of certain rules and discipline that my parents gave me. In addition, that teaches me how to handle the role of raising kids and being a mother. In addition, I consider myself a Christian. I have faith in God, I think, that makes me a sensitive person, in the aspect that I care for the feelings of others. Moreover, it makes me happy when I help others with their problems and situations. To be a successful professional in the field of Medical Physics I have to be responsible and very precise with the dose of radiation that I calculate for every case of cancer. On the other hand, I have to be sensitive with the patient and understand the emotional shock of being diagnosed with cancer. With every step that I take in my life, every decision that I take today, will make up my future tomorrow. On the other hand, that will be my future because that will be my destiny. And no matter what I do that is what I will be. Who knows, only the future can

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