Me, Myself, And I Essay

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I have never been so anxious and nervous in my life. It was January 2007 and there I was a senior in high school awaiting those college acceptance letters to just coming rolling in. I was one of the determined few that would do anything to go to school out of state, but even more so anything to get into the Ivy League. I remember ever since I was ten years old and picked up a university of New York catalog that I yearned to go. I can still see the tall cathedral ceilings inside the theater and on the front of the admissions building the long bright green vines that climbed the sides of the building, they were so beautiful. I was mesmerized by the campus and the requirements for attendance. It was then that I made it a number one priority that I would attend a school known only to accept the brightest and best and I did not care how much hard work and effort it would take to put myself inside what I thought to be the place that would make me strive to be better than ordinary. I sometimes consider myself a special person due to the difficulties I have been through in sophomore of my high school. My father who lived in Somalia got diagnosed with lung cancer, and that made my mother so divested. In the summer of 2005, my mother decided to go to Somalia to comfort my father who fought in two civil wars; for my sister and I, that meant working two jobs just to pay off the bills and sending some money for my dad to get treatment. And that somehow sums up my poor grades that I received in sophomore. I have been through a lot of hardships but I am determined that if I get accepted to university of New york not will I only work hard to give my family hope but it will help me over come obstacles. However, the senior year of my high school was a time every kid in my grade was excited to apply which ever university they wished to apply, with

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