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My childhood was a struggle and some days good. I lived in many different places. I lived in apartments when I was a little baby boy. But around when I was like 1 to 2 years old I moved in to a house which I could call it my home. I moved in with my cousins, it was three families living in my house. It was a good thing because I had my family around me and I didn’t feel alone. Since in the beginning I was the only child it would of been hard for me to be alone and have no one to play with, but I had my cousins. . I also had days when my mom use to take me to the park every weekend. We both loved to go to the park. And on rainy days we use to make hot chocolate and watch movies. I also had a fun time in school because I got to meet new friends in school. We use to play together. And sometimes my friends use to come over to my house and we use to play cars. For my birthdays I spend it with my family those where the best days for me. I loved to dance when I was little kid. For me the music was something that I loved to listen to. My childhood was basically fun. There where times that I had to help my mom around the house I was his man of the house. When my mom was sick use to help her a lot. And since I was her little boy my mom appreciated everything I did for her. So my childhood you could say was good. I don’t regret my childhood it was the best.

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