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Abstract In this experiment we were handed 3 different tools: vernier caliper, micrometer and vernier height gauge, and asked to find precise measurements of different objects. Some of the objects where a screw, a solid sphere of steel, and a hollow sphere of steel. Then after we had all of our measurements we supplied drawings of each item we measured. Procedure 1. Perform the measurement on a set of parts using different instruments; 2. Check the accuracy of some instruments; 3. Measure inside taper of the hole in block #20, Fig. 4-1; 4. Measure outside taper of plug, Fig. 4-2; 5. Calculate the diametral pitch of two suggested gears; 6. Check the pitch of the threads of several given screws, Fig. 4-3; 7. Measure the slope of block #7, Fig. 4-4; 8. Supply all measurements with sketches made on the suggested Data Sheet; 9. Measure the outside diameter of the suggested part using vernier caliper, micrometer and vernier height gauge; 10. Read with accuracy to thousandths on the vernier caliper, micrometer and micrometer depth gauges scales shown in Fig. 4- 5 a, b, d; 11. Read with accuracy to ten thousandths on the micrometer scale shown in Fig. 4-5 c; 12. Give the definition of two terms: “allowance” and “tolerance”; 13. Name the eight Classes of Fits which have been established by the American National Standards Institute; 14. Explain the difference between “clearance” and “interference”; 15. Answer the Set of Questions. Discussion During this experiment the only problem we faced was understanding how to measure with the tools we were given. Once we all got together as a group and figured out how to use them we were able to successfully complete the lab as requested. The knowledge I gained from this lab can be used in multiple other scenarios. For instance if needed to measure the size of my

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