Me and You Essay

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Chapter 4 Eddie’s P.O.V Eddies thoughts The girl’s hand that I touched, she was absolutely gorgeous. I am hoping that the girl is the one that won the mini concert contest we had. Here comes Jake. This should be good. Jake: Great job Eddie! Oh and by the way I saw that Eddie: Thanks Jake and saw what? (He started to blush when Jake said that) Jake: Don’t play dumb with me. I saw how you looked at that girl Eddie: Oh that (smiles) I don’t know what came over me. When I looked out into the crowd, she was the only one that I saw. I felt the urge to go and grab her hand. When I grabbed it, I felt a spark go up my arm. Jake: Hey to me it seems like love at first sight. Maybe you’ll see her again. Eddie: Jake you know I am with Chloe. I am hoping that the girl won our contest. Jake: I don’t know man but here come the winners right now. Eddie saw his mystery girl coming around the corner. He was wondering why he was so nervous. He was just hanging out with a fan right. Eddie: Hey girls! Congrats on winning our little contest. Are you ready to hang out with me hour a few hours? Mel: Heck yes we are!! We are huge fans but Lo here is an even bigger one. You know she writes and sings her own music to. Loren: Mel why did you tell him that? (Loren starts to blush so she puts her head down) Mel: I told him because you are one of the most talented singer and song writers I know. You have to come out of your shell and let someone hear your stuff. (After Mel said that she and Loren both begin to cry.) Loren: Thank you so much Mel! I love you!! Eddie: So you write and sing your own music. That’s amazing to hear. Loren: Thanks so much. Music means the world to me. It is how I get my feelings out and situated. Eddie: That’s what I do to. You know I am having a songwriting contest. You should enter in it. Loren: I don’t know. My stuff is not that good. I have a huge

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