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How to act when NCO’S aren’t around We as soldiers should conduct ourselves in professional manner when we are at work. we have certain responsibilities to take care of while we are in our work environment. so while our NCOs are away we should conduct our behavior in a fashionable manor. And related responsibilities are Related to responsibility is accountability. This is the requirement to answer to superiors (and ultimately the American people) for mission accomplishment, for the lives and care of assigned soldiers, and for effectively and efficiently using Army resources. It also includes an obligation to answer for properly using delegated authority. Leaders are accountable for what they do or fail to do. And we also have to show each other respect, to the rank and to the individual as a person. but u have to consider the other persons feelings about the situation to because respect goes both ways. Every soldier is responsible for performing his duty to the very best of his ability and for trying to improve his performance. You are also responsible for your personal conduct and appearance. You and every other soldier in the Army assumed this personal responsibility when you took your enlistment oath or oath as an officer when I say that we have to conduct ourselves we have to show professionalism and maintain your soldier bearing at all times. when SGT.RIGGS. gave us that order when she was gone to be on our best behavior we as soldiers failed to do so and that could go as failing to obey a lawful order as an nco. we should have been following the orders that where given to those appointed over us. but I also believe that if the situation was taken care of right then and there that the ones that where appointed over us should of used their rank to handle it without involving the nco that wasn’t there. I have found that these

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