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“Look who decided to show up, the jocks!” As me and my friends are entering the doors of a party, we heard this being shouted towards us. Stereotyping is a huge problem in our society today, ranging from Teens to Adults. Recent polls show that over 83% of American teenagers have in the last month stereotyped in some way or form. Another poll showed that 46% of American adults have stereotyped as well. These poll readings prove to us that there is a lot of stereotyping going on in this world and it needs to get fixed. Stereotypes can be basic or complex generalizations which people apply to individuals or groups based on their appearance, behavior and beliefs. There are many different ways people become victimized to stereotypes each and every day and all of them aren’t negative. Ever since September 11th occurred a lot of people stereotype citizens of Iraq and the countries from around there. A lot of people believe that if you are of that color or have a turban on your head you are an enemy. This Stereotype is very common now a days and its getting worse with the United States filling with the Iraq people trying to get away from there home and coming to America. On June 6th, 2005 an Iraq family was refused service at a pizza parlor in Philadelphia. They walked in and sat down as a family and minded their own business, as they walked up to the counter the registers shut off and they were not served. This type of stereotype is commonly heard of through out the world and there are many stories just like this one. In high school the biggest stereotype is involving the cheerleaders, as they are looked at as the popular means girls. Cheerleaders always have a bad reputation because of the stereotype rumors that float around the school. Many stereotypes for cheerleaders are mean, popular, stuck up and even slutty but all they want to do is do what they love, and

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