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Mdt 221 Essay

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Making Chocolate - HERSHEY'S

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Making Chocolate
Welcome to Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of the world’s largest chocolate factory. This is where HERSHEY makes its famous chocolate, but it really starts in the tropics. Born in the Jungle All around the world, from Brazil to Indonesia to the Ivory Coast and Ghana, deep in the tropical jungle there grows a very special tree…the cacao tree. Cacao trees grow melon-like fruit, which is harvested by hand. Inside each pod are about 20-40 seeds, or cocoa beans. It’s these beans that give chocolate its special flavor. After the beans are removed from the pods, they are placed in large heaps or piles. This is called fermentation, and takes about a week. During this time, the shells harden, the beans darken, and the rich cocoa flavor develops. After drying, the beans are ready for transport to the chocolate factory. Liquid Chocolate Railroad cars carry the cocoa beans from the docks to the chocolate factory where they are cleaned and stored. Cocoa beans from different countries each have a distinct flavor. After arriving at the factory, the beans are stored by country of origin until they are blended to give them that special Hershey taste. Cocoa beans are roasted in large, revolving roasters at very high temperatures. A special hulling machine then takes the dry, roasted cocoa beans and separates the shell from the inside of the bean - called the “nib.” This is the part of the bean actually used to make chocolate. The nibs now are ready for milling. Milling is a grinding process which turns the nibs into a liquid called chocolate liquor - a smooth, dark stream of pure chocolate flavor which, by the way, contains no alcohol. Now it is ready for the rest of the ingredients! Mixing it Up The main ingredients in chocolate are the chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and milk. Hershey uses fresh, whole milk to make its milk chocolate. It’s been that way since Milton Hershey developed the recipe in 1900. Tanker...

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