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MDP: The company is looking to expand consumption of their product outside of their target audience. In which way can they increase sales of their product to the general energy drink consumer? MRQ: What are the varying levels of awareness that the general energy drink consumer has towards different brands and what factors influence their purchasing and consumption behaviors towards these drinks? Components of MRQ: Basically, our questionnaire aims to indivuate and measure the reasons determining the awarness of energy drink brands in our target population, the factors influencing the consumption and purchase of this class of products. Hence, the MRQ can be divided mainly in three different components, that are: awarness of energy-drinks brands; elements determining purchasing proces; elements determing consumption behaviour. Awarness: During the organization of our questionnaire our group has tried to include all the questions capable of measuring the factors can be responsible totally, or just in part, of the recalling process of different brands in the mind of our sampler. Energy drinks has a successful drink consumption market in the UK, by 7% volume growth sales in 2010[1].The variety level of awareness toward different brands could compete into different kind of advertising tools for instance brand ambassadors, Word-of-mouth, packaging and the most important quality of energy drinks. The majority of brands take an advantage of sponsorships and celebrity endorsement; however Word-of-mouth is the honest and economical way of sales promotion which most of brands are using. The research shows 90% of consumers are believed on friends recommend (Wasington.Miller,2010). Also, another sales promotion like vouchers attracts number of consumers. Hill and Harmon, 2009 illustrates “the vast majority of attitudes toward coupon use and bargain

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