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According to Roads Murphy, the Chinese regarded the Westerners as an uncivilized people, but more ill-mannered than any foreigners, and as potential troublemakers and corrupt beings that will lead them astray of Chinese morality. During the early modern period were Kangxi and Qianlong sat on the throne for the longest time in the history of China, the great majority of them were content with their own far older and more sophisticated ways and religious traditions, and there were few openings for what were seen as alien faiths, promoted by resented outsiders the West, which in the book of Jonathan Spence, The Question of Hu, narrates the story of the two cultures colliding. The two greatest emperors of China, Kangxi who reigned the longest and Qianlong following behind after him, gave the early modern period a strong start which the Westerners found impressive so they wanted to trade with them the knowledge of mathematics, Western science, language, religion and each nation’s specialty products. But Kangxi would not want to deal with foreigners for various reasons because China already possesses all things in prolific abundance and lacks no product, therefore there is no need to establish trade and they can learn in a short time to make products that is superior to that made in the West. According to Kangxi, “For even though some of the Western methods are different from our own, and may even be an improvement, there is little about them that is new.”1 China is much better on their own and that the west’s interferences would not be needed. The West would look down on Chinese’s beliefs and Kangxi said on his passage that the representative of the West couldn’t even recognize the simplest Chinese characters and yet he questions and argues the Chinese moral system with little knowing of their knowledge discussed on Chinese sacredness. “Even little animals mourn their

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