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Time:90 mins Test: Post Colonial Studies By:P.Alamgir Mirza Total Marks: God Of Small Things(2nd Half) Multiple Choice Questions ENGLISH INN 1. When Margaret is a waitress at a London cafe, what does she watch Chacko put into his coffee? (a) Half a pitcher of cream (b) Strawberry jam (c) Two heaped spoons of sugar (d) A raw egg. 2. Rahel remembers the family seeing a(n) _____________ on the way to the movies before they picked up Sophie Mol at the airport. a) Hindu parade (b) Brittish military march (c) Independece demonstration (d) Communist march. 3. What do Rahel and Estha grow up seeing themselves as after the day Sophie Mol dies? (a) Perpetrators (b) Losers (c) Victims. (d) Friends 4. To save himself from being fired, the twins' father offers for Ammu to do what? (a) Move to America. (b) Become his boss's mistress.(c) Become a prostitute. (d) Go to work in the pickle factory. 5. Who teaches the twins to swim? (a) Ammu. (b) Velutha. (c) Chacko. (d) Their father. 6. How old is Rahel's cousin, Sophie Mol, when she dies? (a) Eleven (b) Ten. (c) Nine. (d) Seventeen 7. Which character in The Sound of Music does Rahel identify with most? (a) The oldest daughter. (b) Maria. (c) The youngest daughter d) Baron von Trapp. 8. What do Estha and Rahel hold in their laps on the way to the airport? (a) Elegantly wrapped gifts(b) Flowers (c) Books (d) Eagle vacuum flasks. 9. When they are children, what does Rahel steal from Baby Kochamma after Estha leaves? (a) Money. (b) Her diary (c) Cigarettes. (d) Her rosary. 10. What color is Sophie Mol's hair? (a) Jet black. (b) Light blond .(c) Deep red-brown .(d) Dark

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