Mcnaughton Rule: Guilty Or Not By Reason Of Insanity

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Mind over Matter Psy/270 January 28, 2015 Dr. Debbi Kutner Mind over Matter The McNaughton rule is a rule for the jury to go by in whether a defendant is guilty or not by reason of insanity. The McNaughton rule -- not knowing right from wrong the first famous legal test for insanity came in 1843, in the McNaughton case. Englishman Daniel McNaughton shot and killed the secretary of the British Prime Minister, believing that the Prime Minister was conspiring against him. The court acquitted McNaughton "by reason of insanity," and he was placed in a mental institution for the rest of his life. However, the case caused a public uproar, and Queen Victoria ordered the court to develop a stricter test for insanity. The "McNaughton rule"…show more content…
I think I can see and tell the difference. I would also like to add that these evil people, in the end, want you to know they manipulated you. Not going to happen here for I have spent years studying this. I am going for my psychology degree as to be recognized and work in the field, however, there is no degree as upstanding as being charged with murder and actually being mentally ill at one point. I spent 11 years in prison doing nothing but studying psychology and interviewing evil people. I have met some real killers and I have met the mentally ill. When I got out of prison I wrote letters to multiple serial killers interviewing them. Mental illness is an iffy category as far as if someone is truly mentally ill. It is really evil vs. mentally ill. Is one being evil mentally ill? Would it even matter? (We cannot have the evil running loose in the world). My DSM results said that I was not violent and what I did was a once in a lifetime event. How many others in prison have those results? I did 11 years even though my psychiatrist said I would never commit another crime…. So what was the point? The only thing prison did for me was make me hate the legal system and change my career path. I no longer like the law at all… for I know it is corrupt and there are innocent people in prisons. I know that it is communication and money that rule the

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