Mcmurphy's Fight Against Society

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Throughout history both man and woman have fought for their rights against society. Their goal was to make a difference, by taking a stand for what they wanted and thought was right. These individuals were great leaders, setting an examples and guiding the way for others. They gained followers, followers who would fight beside them as they went along their struggle. Having others go against society with them could have been the reason for their success. McMurphy learnt this the hard way, as he tried to fight against Nurse Ratched by himself for his individuality. Even though he continued to fail, he did not give up. McMurphy started to become not only a hero, but a leader to the other patients at the ward. They began to realize what he was fighting for and the example he was making for them. As they all followed McMurphy, fighting for their individuality, as a group they went against…show more content…
Initially, McMurphy attempted to go against the norm by refusing to shower and have his temperature checked. However, his attempts proved feeble against Ratched because she ultimately had control and his solo efforts could not overcome Ratched. Additionally, Bromden stated “She’ll go on winning just like the Combine, because she has all the power of the Combine behind her.”(133). The reason in this statement is that the power of an individual is subordinate to the power of the society. Meaning McMurphy was nearly an ant and Nurse Ratched a child with a magnifying-glass. Even so, McMurphy was naïve about his circumstances, thus Nurse Ratched was in control for the beginning portion of his sentence. He underplayed the law, and induing so he withdrew his right to individuality to Nurse Ratched, giving society control over him. However, the other patients began to realize the supporting McMurphy they stood a better chance fighting for their
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