Mcluhan Convocation Essay

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On March 8 2012, I was one of the many Mass Communication students attending to the Marshall McLuhan forum series on responsible media with the theme “Assertions from the Margin: The Practice of Community Journalism in the Philippines.” Ms. Carolyn O. Arguillas, news editor of the online news service (Mindanews), spoke about the problems faced by provincial and community journalists in the Philippines and the receiving threats of journalists as they strive to eradicate the culture of impunity in Mindanao, since journalists from the South seem to be marginalized as their news stories struggle to compete with the articles of reporters in the national desk for some space in national newspapers. Ms. Arguillas said that the national media, instead of highlighting the beauty and rich resources of the South, molded Mindanao’s image as the breeding ground of terrorism and a rabid land characterized by political unrest. Because limited spaces are given in national newspapers for reports on Mindanao, only big news stories usually about conflicts and violence in the land are published which worsen the image of the South in the national media, said Arguillas. As I sat and listened to Ms. Arguillas discuss about the different topics and statistics of Mindanao, I was able to empathize with her on many occasions. Arguillas expressed her advocacy of improving media coverage and portrayal of Mindanao, she also spoke about threats and the perils faced by journalists who continue to investigate, speak out and write about economic, political and socio-cultural realities to shed light about the source of the conflicts in Mindanao. Ms. Arguillas also admitted that textbooks used by various schools in the Philippines contain erroneous information about Muslim communities in Mindanao and that there is a need to correct erroneous textbook information about Mindanao used in various

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