Mckean Prison Essay

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Crime is an unfortunate reality in society that has existed for thousands of years and will probably continue to exist as long as man endures. Our efforts to control it have failed miserably and our attempts to rehabilitate criminal offenders through our prison systems seem only to produce repeat offenders. However, the McKean correctional facility in Bradford, Pennsylvania tells a different story. Dennis Luther, the former warden at McKean, has established a new way of looking at incarceration that has drawn both praise and outrage. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of this facilities set of policies and see whether or not this is a viable and effective alternative to this country's attempts at rehabilitation within our penal system. There are many positive outcomes resulting from Dennis Luther's initiative and perhaps one of the biggest advantages to his ideas is the greatly reduced costs to the taxpayer. His policies have decreased the cost for housing by approximately $6000, or almost 30%, for each inmate every year compared to the national average. This decrease is very significant, especially now when our country is falling deeper and deeper in debt. Another big advantage to McKean's policies lies in the fact that it greatly increases the probability that it's paroled individuals will be able to reincorporate themselves back into society, be a positive and productive part of the community, and be able to succeed at life. The education programs at McKean penitentiary teach them useful skills that can be implemented within the job market and give them a "leg to stand on" when they are finally released. This aspect of the program is a very important element in reducing the number of repeat offenders. Dennis Luther's way of doing business at McKean has also virtually eliminated the number of escapes, assaults, and suicides within the facility .

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