Mcgregor’s Theory X and Y

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McGregor’s Theory X and Y Sumitra Kendall CJ503 Organizational Behavior Professor Sherri Homer October 5, 2013 Douglas McGregor was a psychologist first and decided in his career to teach at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he was a professor of management. His experience there led him to create the “McGregor theory X and Y” its goal was to represent his assumptions and views on human behavior and nature and that they are relevant to management. Originally, theory x and y was introduced in the novel he wrote entitled “The human side of enterprise” (1960). As a result, it became a massive influence on the management profession and still does to this date. McGregor’s ideas suggest that there should be two approaches towards the management of people and that there are two different fundamental properties, which highlight a person’s behavior in a working environment and organizational life. He based his theory upon the work of Abraham Maslow’s the development of the five “Hierarchy Needs Model”: Biological and Physiological, Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem and Self-Actualization as to what attributes the entry level need to move forward by advancing in their career. Now that a slight understanding on what McGregor’s work was based on has been given, McGregor’s Theory X and Y can be looked at in a bit more detail, starting with his Theory X. Theory X assumptions to management roles or to the staff are that of they are lazy and unmotivated. They will avoid tasks and they dislike work, they have a negative view on human nature and would need working supervision. The manager/individual would place their personal concerns above the concerns of their colleagues. They would be against any change and lack the will to succeed further and evolve as a human being. The individual would prefer to be directed and have little ambition,
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