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Mcf-7 Essay

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Greer Williams


Breast Cancer is one of the forms of cancer that affects the breast. It usually begins to form in the milk ducks area of the breast and then begins to create a tumor. The tumor is now cancerous and then begins to spread among the breasts and could expand throughout the whole body, if it is not treated or treatment is not being effective. Most women who have cancer are usually diagnosed with breast cancer. Men can be affected as well but you see more women than men who are affected.   Signs of Breast cancer are lumps in your breast, skin dimpling, change in skin color, clean or bloody fluids out of the nipple. There are many causes of Breast cancer, but the main reasoning that Doctors often worry about is person genetics. Genetics, because they have a higher risk of obtaining breast cancer and the doctor will be able to catch the cell before it grows out of hand. There has not been a cure, but there are treatments that are used to help the cell die off and keep from growing.


MCF-7 is a cell lis derived from a cancer patient in the Detroit area developed at the Michigan Cancer Foundation. Over time MCF-7 was grown with media was treated with 5-Methyl-DL-tryptophan and Ac- Try-NH2, which is responsible of reducing the size of the cancer cell to eventually killing the cell.   To check to see if the cell began to die using the tool that is used is the spectrophotometer.   Spectrophotometer is used to determine the wavelength of the cell by color its color to find if there is still viability of the cell.  


Cell Culture
In the progressing of cell culture first you will you warm the media and the cancer cell. Then you will you will put 10 ml of media and also the cancer cell in a 15 ml centrifuge tube. Mixing to the cell and the media well then putting it into the plate and then putting it into the incubator, changing the media everyday for three days. After third day remove the media, add about 3 ml of...

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