Mcdonalds Makes Alot Of People Angry Essay

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McDonalds makes A Lot of People Angry for a Lot of Different Reasons McDonalds has to be the most popular fast food restaurant out of many. They are cheap, easy to get, and tasty. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that McDonalds is harmful to a number of things in our world. For one they are extremely bad for our bodies. McDonald’s food has been said to cause serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Their cooperation is aware of all these concerns but they throw a blind eye. They are even starting to put McDonalds into hospitals. McDonalds spends over two billion dollars a year in advertising. They advertise that they are nutritional and environmentally friendly, which is all lies. And the worst part of their advertising is that their target audience is children. The fact that they have a clown as the face of McDonalds and give out toys in their meals makes me angry. The children are our future and what it looks like to me is that McDonalds wants a future full of Obese Cancer patients. Although all these things are horrible there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it. If McDonalds were to ever go out of business there would be another cooperation just waiting to take its place. The majority of cooperation’s out there aren’t worried about our well being, they are only worried about making money and being successful and nothing we do will change that. McDonalds is a perfect example of a corrupt and greedy cooperation. After reading about McDonalds in our reading strategy book my opinion on McDonalds has changed greatly. I will consider all the things I learned before putting any of my money towards their

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