Mcdonalds and Starbucks in France

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Summary on McDonalds and Starbucks in France The McDonald’s and Starbucks corporations are among the most popular U.S. food industry establishments operating today in France. Not only is France the world’s second largest consumer of McDonald’s behind the United States, but also it now has more than 1,200 locations dispersed throughout the country. Both have specifically catered their locations in France to the unique cultural aspects of the French people. Cultured menus, unique restaurant designs, and technological innovations all contribute to the success both franchises have seen thus far in France. Starbucks and McDonald’s represent non-gourmet coffee and fast, inexpensive food to French people, yet both manage to play significant roles in France’s economy. Actions taken by corporate-level managers in these companies illustrate a successful implementation of plans to revolutionize their companies in France. McDonald’s * The McDonald’s in France infiltrates French culture throughout the restaurant through the appearance of the restaurant by changing the seating arrangements, machines, and décor. Some changes include leather upholstery, outlets, candles and hardwood flooring, tables surrounded by wood panels, television screens, computer terminals, and complementary Wi-Fi. * The French McDonald’s industry has revolutionized some of its technologies by providing a more convenient and relaxing dining experience. The industry achieves this by offering convenient ordering methods such as an electronic kiosk and hand held ordering device and offering free, complementary Wi-Fi. * The McDonald’s France menu possesses certain items that are specific to French food and culture. For example, the French menu includes different condiments, baguette sandwiches, fresh pastries, croques monsieures, crepes, and vegetable platters. * McDonald’s France strays from

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