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Customer expectations have a prominent impact on corporate ethics. In the world of consumerism, the sales of food products are the ultimate indicators of a company’s success. Large corporations such as McDonald, which has franchises across the world, cannot be expected to thrive without an agreeable public opinion. The perception of McDonald must to be positive on all spectrums, ranging from the taste of the food served to the environmental effects of the corporation. Negative publicity can undermine the profitability of the corporation; therefore taking social responsibility becomes an important part of a corporation’s business model. It is inaccurate to assume that a company exists solely to make money. Though a corporation has to answer to their stockholders, a company’ fate lies ultimately in their customers’ hands. Customer expectations have caused McDonald to carefully consider their corporate actions. In an effort to mitigate the negative effects of undesirable publicity, McDonald has taken a proactive role in revamping its environmental and health images. In regards complaints from health experts of McDonald’s use of unhealthy cooking oil, McDonald has agreed to reduce the percentage of Trans fats used it its cooking oil. McDonalds has also reduced the percentage of fatty acids in their French fries and chicken nuggets. Furthermore, McDonalds has hopped on the green train and made it their priority to inform their customers of the corporation’s efforts to save and preserve the environment. In an effort to build its green factor, McDonalds has announced that all of it outlets in England will only buy from coffee growers who are certified under the Rainforest Alliance umbrella. McDonald has also established a two-year suspension on buying soy from newly deforested areas. The choices made by upper management from the McDonald Corporation are as much social as

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