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How Far Has McDonalds Come? Since the 1940’s, the McDonalds franchise has grown immensely. McDonalds has become the biggest fast food franchise in the entire world with over 33,000 outlets world wide. It seems as if every place we go, we are able to access a McDonalds fairly easily. With over 18,000 operating McDonalds franchises in the United States its is to no surprise that the founders of this largely growing business would be found in our own back yard. Created in the 1940’s and growing greatly since then, just how far did our founding fathers of the franchise expand? The creators of the highly successful company were two ordinary brothers from San Bernardino, California. Richard, and Maurice McDonald started the first of the now widely expanded restaurants in their own town in May of 1940. Later, the brothers sold their franchise to a man by the name of Ray Kroc. Ray was an entrepreneur who sold the brothers milk shake machinery. He open his first McDonalds outside of Chicago in 1955, and continued to expanded wildly. He eventually bought out the McDonalds brothers for $2.7m in 1961. Since then, the company has expanded world wide. In an attempt to expand even further, the company is mainly targeting areas overseas. There are currently 1,000 restaurants on track to open this year. Around half of the buildings planned to be constructed are in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. There are 30 new restaurants set to open this year in Southern and Western parts of India. In 1990, China opened their first McDonalds restaurant. China is known for being the fastest growing market for openings. McDonalds is now operating 1,100 stores in China today. The franchise opened their first 1,000 restaurants in China faster than in any other foreign country. In 2011 the company had planned to open around 200 more restaurants as a plan to have 2,000 outlets in China by

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