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HBH323 | Individual Research Report | McDonald’ expansion in China | | 11/2/2011 | | Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Introduction 3 3. The company 4 4. Rationale 5 6. Cultural differences 6 8. Implications on HR functions 7 9. Recommendations 8 10. Conclusion 9 11. References Error! Bookmark not defined. 1. Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to critically analyse and assess the human resource issues relevant to a company expanding its operations to another country and recommend a model of required action for which to facilitate this process ensuring it is as problem-free as possible. The paper will address the rationale behind McDonald’s expansion to China as well as the difference between the two cultures. It will also analyse the implications of the expansion with regards to two key HR functions; recruitment and selection; expatriates and repatriates. It was recommended that: * McDonalds ensure business model is translated to coincide with Chinese values and beliefs * McDonalds hire the most talented employees from China and the West. * McDonalds thoroughly train employees to portray a particular image which may be difficult for them. 2. Introduction The objective of this report is to explore and critically analyse the human resource issues relevant to an organization intending to expand into the global market. The report will be examining the factors that affect ease of entry and growth of fast food chains when operating within international markets. This paper will focus on McDonald’s expansion around the globe, specifically China. The success of McDonald’s in pursuing such a large scale expansion is not something that has been experienced by many fast food firms. This has prompted many people to question McDonald’s methodology

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