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The McDonald brothers used many rhetorical devices to appeal to their customer and employees. They used rhetorical devices such as pathos to attract their primary audience; they found gaps that restaurants did not have, and used successful methods of delivery to sell their product to the market. The McDonald brothers were the one of the first successful fast food restaurants because they found many gaps in the industry. They increased the speed, lowered the prices, and raised the volume of sales; “imagine No Carhops – No Waitresses – No Dishwashers – No Bus Boys – The McDonald’s System is Self-service!” an add spelled out the benefits of their system page 20 . They hired teenage workers and they used disposable silverware they started self-service which financially saved them money but most importantly they changed their customers. McDonalds had adapted to a family based restaurant. This made them see how important children were to the fast food industry. They then started targeting children as their primary audience. Examples of McDonalds marketing and advertisings to children are Ronald McDonald, their “Happy meals” and “playlands”. Ronald McDonald was made into an American icon there are no children who does not recognize the clown dressed in red and yellow with puffy hair. Happy meals where made which had one key feature, the toy, a Brandweek article on fast food notes “the key to attracting kids is toys, toys, toys” page 47. “Playlands” which are basically playgrounds where made which gathered spaces for families to bring their young children. “When American cities and towns spend less money on children recreation fast-food restaurants have become gathering spaces for families with young children page 47. The key to advertising to children was that they will bring their parents, the secondary audience. “Many working parents, feeling guilty about spending

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