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The McDonaldization is a theory that is applied to understand many of today’s service based workplaces. McDonaldization has brewed ideas, comments and concerns within the sociological community. Two major researchers that commit to the understanding and explanations of this theory are Ritzer and Max Weber who go in dept with their theories. They share their thesis and ideas to come about what McDonaldization means in sociological terms. As a result, we acknowledge that McDonaldization does not come out to be as something positive, but turns out to be something negative, a negative way of being. McDonald’s has been a huge success worldwide. This corporation serves thousands of customers per day. The United States of America is a large supporter of this restaurant chain that it offers delivery. The symbol that represents McDonald’s is the clown deemed “Ronald McDonald” who is just as, if not more popular then Santa Clause at Christmas time. Behind all this success and popularity comes great ethical concerns and questions of dehumanization, with the way in which McDonald is run and how it effects the current society. McDonaldization is a term coined by George Ritzer who uses this term to describe a sociological event occurring in our society. McDonaldization is the process of rationalization, but taken to over the top levels. Rationalization is a sociological term that means keeping consistent rules. One major aspect of McDonaldization is that any task can be rationalized. The process in which McDonalization takes place, is it takes a task, any task and breaks down that task as much as possible until you are not able to break it down anymore. The end results of the tasks are then rationalized to find the one and only most efficient method for completing each task. As a result of over rationalizing a process it may and can result in unexpected

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