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McDonald’s Hot Coffee Stella Liebeck and her spilled coffee from McDonalds was one of the biggest media hits ever. The Stella Liebeck case was published, distributed and broadcast worldwide. The media turned on this old lady making her look like a bad person who just wanted money, and made everyone who watched it or read about it in the newspaper believe that she was indeed a person who just wanted money. What the media left out when the published their articles was the real facts of what really happened to Mrs. Liebeck. Mrs. Liebeck after receiving her coffee from the drive true assistant, and the vehicle that she was in still stationary, placed the coffee between her legs and began removing the lid to add her sweeteners to her drink, while doing so the coffee spilled emptying all its contents on to her legs and groin area. The coffee was so hot that it caused her to experience third degree burns on the area where the coffee came in contact whit her skin. I found that Mrs. Liebeck was at fault for placing the coffee between her legs, and that she should have placed it somewhere that was more secure and stable thus preventing the hot substance to fall on her. But despite Mrs. Liebeck carelessness McDonald should without a doubt be strictly liable for its product, the coffee was very dangerous and it was way too hot to fulfill its normal purpose. McDonald’s negligence of the brewing of the coffee at such high temperatures shows that they disregard the reasonable care that they owe to their consumers. This was not the first time that a consumer of McDonald’s coffee had been injured, there had been 700 victims before Mrs. Liebeck case and that showed that McDonalds had no intention on reducing the temperature of their coffee which again shows negligence on behalf of McDonalds. Mrs. Liebeck was a very sincere and a nice person as observed by the video her intention

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