Mcafee Security Case Study

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Objectives of Organization McAfee’s overall objective is to become the worldwide leader in intrusion prevention and risk management solutions and services. The firm’s mission is to proactively secure systems and networks from known and as yet undiscovered threats worldwide. Home users, businesses, service providers, government agencies, and their partners all trust our unmatched security expertise and have confidence in our comprehensive and proven solutions to effectively block attacks and prevent disruptions. McAfee distributes products throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan, and Latin America. The company provides two types of products, the McAfee System Protection Solution for desktops and servers and the McAfee Network Protection Solutions for corporate networks. Customers include businesses, governments, and consumers. McAfee is considered one of the largest security providers and had a net revenue of $294 million dollars in 2004. Current cost cutting initiatives are aimed at achieving a 25% operating margin. Identification of the Customer Scenario Like stated above, McAfee’s customer base is very broad. It includes home users, businesses, service providers, and government agencies. Often, companies will outsource security solutions for economic reasons, which allows McAfee to sell multiple products to multiple companies through the convenience of a single provider. Customer sex, age, and income level are negligible. Consumer growth, as evidenced by exhibit 1B, has been growing at an alarming rate. Nucleus of Control The strategic decisions are made by the companies’ board of directors and senior executives who control 1.8% of the outstanding stock. Only George Samenuk, Chairman and CEO, was an internal member. Board members are elected to staggered three-year terms. Drawing from the case, the managerial stance

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