Mc Donalds Stratagies Essay

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tMcDonalds strategies Strong brand recognition ABANS is the franchisee for McDonalds in Sri Lanka Different kind of foods available High quality Nice packaging Produce high perceived value Launching new products continuously Low cost menu Provide high value chain than competitors Make moderate changes according to customer needs Benchmark with strong competitors Limited number of food items Focus by consumers on nutrition Main target is to attract kidsWe follow the maxim that today’s kids are tomorrow’s customers. We intend creating a McDonald’s culture of dining while socialising that is uniquely McDonald’s. "The cornerstone of our philosophy is to sell the experience and not the hamburger," said Shakoor. We ensure that McDonald’s keeps its finger on the local pulse. Our main aim is to strike a median flavour between the original American varieties and our own," said Fahim Shakoor. ‘For example during the Ramazan month. We had a special menu for breaking fast’ Strong competitors 7 branches near by Colombo Strong brand recognition McDonald’s has the great strength for strong brand recognition in Sri Lanka. Because everyone knows about the McDonald’s brand name. Also McDonald’s is increasing the number of outlets in Sri Lanka. E.g.:- Very recently it has opened a new outlet in Colombo – 13. Produce high perceived value Compare to other fast food industry in Sri Lanka McDonald’s customers get the value for the price that they pay and prices are lower than other fast foods. E.g.:- Their Happy meal & Breakfast menu Different kind of foods available In Sri Lankan fast food industry only McDonald’s open in the morning 7 am and they only have breakfast at this Compare to other fast food industry only McDonald’s has more variety of food items. E.g.:- Fish Burger, Fish McRice, Salads, Mc Cafe, and Fruit Juices etc..... Produce

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