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McDonalds and Starbucks Both codes of conduct emphasize the importance of the customer. Both are concerned with employees' treatment of each other and the customer. For McDonald's there is also emphasis on believing in their system and the processes they have established. McDonald's is also concerned as stated first in their vision and their policy guide, with being trusted. They consider ethical behaviors to be an important part of their image. Starbucks has as part of their code a statement about empowering all partners to make decisions that can impact the reputation of the company. The individual is responsible for the impact they make on customers and other workers. Their core values require compliance by all employees. Standards not being met should be reported. They supply the handbook and code for employees to meet the code or report to managers, resource officer, or the business ethics representative. There is an established helpline for Starbucks employees to get guidance if they are unclear about the rules. The code is written in easy to understand language and also has examples in the form of questions and answers to help employees. There is no verbal abuse, physical abuse, or threats allowed. This includes issues of diversity and harassment. No one can send or display inappropriate materials or offensive materials of any kind, including jokes to other employees. These include implied comments, jokes, or materials. Customers are treated with the utmost courtesy and nothing but pleasant, dignified service is acceptable. Starbucks also makes workplace health and safety standards a part of the code of conduct, expecting all employees to take part in these and to address issues where it is not occurring. Starbucks' safety standards are known to exceed those required by law and the standards of the company are the goal employees must adhere to. The company

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