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Mc Donald Senior Essay

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McDonald’s Senior Restaurant Case Analysis

Texas A&M University - Commerce

Lisa Aham, the manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in a city with many seniors is concerned whether to engage or allow and encourage more senior citizens to use her restaurant (Perreault, Cannon, McCarthy, 2011).

In evaluating the Aham’s current strategy regarding senior citizens, we will be able to answer questions and resolve problems associated with this case.

Every business in order to be profitable adheres to the 4P’s of marketing; price, product, place, and promotion. Some of the strength is that the city has many seniors and some of these senior citizens are regular patrons at Lisa’s McDonalds which has resulted in the restaurants classification as a happy place. In line with the McDonald’s corporate culture and philosophy to be friendly with its customers and give back to the community it serve, these older group are not only friendly but are neater and clean up after themselves. Also, the amount these seniors spend is similar to the averages customer purchase and they do not disrupt the noon crowd because the seniors mostly leave before the time they come in.

Conversely, these seniors are creating anticipate crowding problem because they sit for long hours which might discourage the young customers. They also constitute a growing non fast food clientele. Furthermore, Lisa is a worried about the image they portray where they do not rush in and rushes out but stays and enjoys their time.

An aim of business is to generate and increase profit as well as keeping with the objectives (The times, n.d). Lisa will have to work with the senior citizen and strategies along that market since they constitute a sizeable number in the city and also because the amount they spend is similar to in average to what other customers purchase. Lisa should use the Bingo opportunity as another marketing strategy to satisfy the customers.
Lisa’s strategy to implement Bingo sessions during...

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