Mc Donald Essay

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Planning Planning is consist of two element which is setting goals and objectives and establishing strategies to achieve goals and objectives. The manager has set up two goals which is to open new branches at Johor and the other one is to get wide market area to sell his product. To ensure his goal which is to open new branch, he use fine raw material to gain satisfy from his customers which is from Bangladesh. He also use his own identity in business to establish and make sure his branding is well known. Besides he also make a comparison the material with diffrerent supplier and make a study about competitors. Moreover, he use fine packaging to make sure his product not affected during shipping to the customer. To make sure the second goals become true, he promote his business by using online platform. He use fb ads, instagram to show his product to his future customer. To make it serious, he also buy domain to create his business website to gain trustworthy from his customer. Wonderfully, majority from his job that he get from customer is from online platform. Organizing From the book “Business management A malaysian Perspective” state that organizing is a process of arranging and coodinating organizational resources, particularly human resoursces, to carry out the organizational plan. Hence, the manager make a standard organizational plan for his company. Production of product was carry starting by shipment of raw material by supplier, and organise the raw material by him and his customer. Next create the product and sell it to the customer. Ussually this standard plan use two weeks to be completed. While urgent task such as product that was need by customer within a certain time, there are exceptional plan such as extend the work time, manage and analyze the raw material and and manage the bonus that the employees get. Leading Without a good manager to

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