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Fast food is one of the most popular foods that many people are interested in. Mc Donald’s, the most famous fast food restaurant, now is facing Corporate Social Responsibility issues. In the article, “Mc Donalds? Mc Evil” published in Old Internationalist Magazine in 2012, Bueger king states that Mc Donald’s creates negative impacts on society and just cares about profits. However, in the article, “Corporate Social Responsibility at Mc Donald’s: Hamburger AND some community help?” published in Economics Magazine in 2012, Dick Ronald think that Mc Donald’s creates effectiveness CSR programs. This essay will critically analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of their arguments. Ronald states that RMH is an effective way for Mc Donalds to care of people especially children. As Ronal asserts, RMH offers places for not only children but also their families to stay and treat their sicknesses. Another point is that Mc Donald’s has a sense of responsibility to support education. There are two programs that he mentioned, Hamburger Universities and Maths Online, which can help to better the world. In contrast, king responds to Ronald’s ideas by stating that Mc Donald’s may not supports education. King asserts that less than five years after its start, Mc Donald’s stopped the ‘Online Maths’ program and keep this failure to secret. Furthermore, although Mc Donald’s agrees to recycle boxes at stores and use fish caught in protected areas, there are a huge number of pollutants in many acres of rainforest when Mc Donald’s use their vehicles to drive and fly around the world to expand their company. Also, Mc Donald’s not only harms the environment but also creates unhealthy food that negatively influences human health. Ronald makes a strong argument when he states that RMH is an effective program of Mc Donald’s CSR. It is true that with the appearance of RMH, many families with

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