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3899 Words16 Pages NOVEMBER 2012 VOL 4, NO 7 INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS Overall profitability of companies depending on optimal use of the marketing mix (4Ps) (McDonald's case study) ALI NAKHCHIAN OME KOLSOM ZERAATGAR BOORANI NARGES GORJI Abstract: Marketing mix represents the main activities of marketing managers. After selecting a target market, marketing managers need to codify a systematic plan to sell to their customers and develop long-term relationships. Marketing plan consists of decisions about product, price, promotion and place (distribution) which form a marketing mix. These are the most important parts that marketing managers allocate company's resources to achieve goals of sale and profitability. Keywords: Overall ; profitability ; companies ; optimal use ; marketing mix (4Ps) ; McDonald's Introduction: Before the Industrial Revolution, almost every commerce required appointment of suppliers and buyers. Increased foreign trade and the emergence of industrial revolution resulted in the transformation of traditional business and development of new commerce practices, which are now part of the marketing. The first major act of producers was to support - transport and sales - to close and distant markets. At the time, the focus was on production and consumers and customers were considered as the ultimate goal of production and distribution chain. Following the demand exceeding to supply due to the growth of economic activity in Western countries and new technologies of that period, producers continued to their prosperous life by raising the quality and reducing the costs. COPY RIGHT © 2012 Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research 876 NOVEMBER 2012 VOL 4, NO 7 INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS Recognizing the importance of the marketing as a

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