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The Mbuti tribe is an amazingly peaceful tribe. They manage to get their food through foraging. To forage to get your food means to gather whatever food necessary to sustain life. The Mbuti tribe also hunts for their food, which is also another form of foraging. In the following paragraphs you will learn how the kinship system works for this tribe, how gender relations are affected within this tribe, and how social change has happened throughout the years. You will learn the differences and also the many similarities we have, as United States citizens, with this tribe. The Mbuti tribe live in the Ituri rainforest, in Congo Africa. Within the Mbuti tribe, the forest is considered the “sacred” place to live. They often refer to it, within conversations, as something they adore. They will sing songs to the forest, talk to the forest and take care of the forest as someone would do a lover or a child. If something negative happens to the tribe while in the forest, they will often refer to it as the forest is sleeping, and will sing loudly to wake up the forest. They do not refer to their forest as evil, like some of the neighboring villagers do, but as a safe haven for them. The tribe has many rituals and traditions. One of these is called the Molimo ritual. The Molimo ritual is centered around the forest they love so well. It is a celebration of the forest and all the good it gives the tribe, and is usually done after a death or something negative has happened to the tribe. There are different types of Molimo rituals according to what has happened to the tribe, some of the rituals lasts only days while others can last up to a month. Molimo means the ritual and the trumpet of how the men sing to make animal sounds and beautiful music. This tribe is considered a happy and good natured tribe. They only spend a small amount of their day

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