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I took the tests and my results were very accurate. Upon carefully reviewing the detailed official Myers-Briggs descriptions of the 16 MBTI types, I discovered that even though the MBTI gives and claims only one type as a personal “score”, there are at least seven different purportedly unique types that, on natural, reasonable interpretations, all perfectly describe me. What’s worse, two of the types that perfectly match me are the most extreme opposites in the MBTI typology. This result obtained even though the test is predicated on the claim that the differences among the types are significant enough to justify listing them as completely distinct. My critique is, as I shall show, not based on wishful thinking, misinterpretation of the descriptions in the official MBTI individual type characterizations but types among those I asked who know me well and have known me for years. It is logically impossible for more than one MBTI test result to exactly characterize the same person. My issue with the MBTI is that the truth is not guarantee which really boils down to the requirement that the MBTI type descriptions, as well as the 4-letter labels for those descriptions, should be “partitions”—which they are not. Without that guarantee, the usefulness, if any, of the MBTI results are thrown into serious doubt. In addition to other readily available independent, objective confirmation of my MBTI multiple-matches are the assessments provided by a sample drawn from people who know me very well. A sample of friends of many years, to whom I emailed the results, without their knowing they were excerpted from the MBTI, yielded the result that, on a 0-10 scale, most gave me scores close to 10 for both, with “10” meaning the type in question perfectly described me, “0” not at all. The key issue here is not whether I might have conceivably scored higher on other types that

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